Thoughts from Our Pastor

Too Busy for a Happy New Year?

Happy New Year (early)! As I write these words, it is actually December 18th, and the New Year is two weeks away. Why am I writing my monthly article so early? The office will be closed over the last week in December while my Ministry Assistant (church speak for the person who makes things happen in our church office) Cathey Williams and I will be on vacation, so we are in hurry up mode. We are trying (feverishly) to get things done so that we can be gone. Is it merely a coincidence that holiday and hurry start with the same letter?

Late one Christmas Day, a resident of the posh community of Hillsborough, California, set out with his wife and kids to go caroling to his neighbors. When they began singing at the first house, the lady of the house came to the door in a hurry. “Look, fella,” she said, “I’m just too busy. The plumbing’s on the blink, I can’t get anybody to fix it, and there’s a mob coming over for dinner. If you really feel like singing Christmas carols, come back about nine o’clock tonight, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” came the respectful reply. And with that, Bing Crosby and his family moved on to the next house.

Busy-ness is a fact of 21st century living. However, we need to be careful that in our busy-ness, we do not miss very important, even once-in-a-lifetime moments.

As we cruise into 2019, let’s not miss God who waits to meet with us in Sunday School and Morning Worship. Let’s make time for prayer meetings on Wednesday nights when we will join forces with the angelic armies to save people from hell in this life and the next. Let’s look for opportunities to invite the folks on our Impact Lists to come with us to HHBC. Let’s take a Saturday a month to clean cars, change oil, and share Jesus with people from Antioch. And most importantly, let’s not be so busy that we do not take quality time daily to be with the God who sent His Son to die that we might live.

Someone once said that if Satan cannot make us bad, then he’ll make us busy. Let’s not get so busy that we miss out on what God wants to do with us and for us in the New Year!


TO OUR WARRIORS IN THE SUNDAY SCHOOL, and the people they teach:

A Sunday School Prayer for the New Year

There is an old Arabic proverb that speaks to us as followers of Jesus: He who claims to know but doesn’t is a bluff; forget him. He who doesn’t know and wants to learn is a student; teach him. He who knows and is capable is a leader; follow him.

           “Lord, help us your followers to refuse to remain forgettable bluffs. Help us to recognize our need to learn more about You, Your Word, and the life You want us to live. And Lord, thank you for the teachers You have called out to lead us. Teach us to learn, help us to follow, and then empower us to lead and to teach others. Amen.”