God’s Dream for Our Church!

Sharing the love of Jesus by meeting the needs of neighbors!

 BEYOND THE HORIZON VISION, 7 years (2018 – 2025)

 An overwhelming darkness has flooded southeastern Davidson County; this attitude considers God in general and churches in particular both irrelevant and unnecessary. People hungry for life can’t find it, so we will be a light of healing and hope in the power of God. We will shine Jesus’ love upon our neighbors through specific projects designed to meet their immediate spiritual or physical needs. As Jesus fed 15,000 men, women, and children with a few small fish and loaves of bread, we will trust God to empower us to offer “the bread of life” to those without God’s hope and help. Like a friendly campfire draws lost hikers to its warmth and promise of aid, we will work with God to see that in the next 7 years 300 of our neighbors will come to the bright love of Jesus shining in our lives and from this hill.